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The Cost Of Hybrid Pawpaw Seeds

Pawpaw also known as papaya or papaw is succulent fruit of a large plant of the family Caricaceae. The fruit is slightly sweet.

It is very common in Kenya where it is grown for both local and export market. Thus it provides a source of income to farmers who plant them in large scale. They are mainly propagated by means of seeds.

Pawpaw is mainly planted because of it numerous nutritional and pharmacutical values. Papaya contains dietary fiber, folate, vitamin A, C and E. It also contains small amount of calcium, iron, riboflavin, thiamine and niacin but low in sodium. The benefits derived from eating papaya fruit includes.

1. Papayas are rich in fibre, vitamin C and antioxidants that prevent cholesterol buildup in the arteries.

2. It helps boots immunity; papaya can fulfil more than 200% of your daily requirement of Vitamin C, making it great agent of a stronger immune system.

3. There is an enzyme in pawpaw called papain. This papain helps in regulating and easing flow during menstrual periods. It also reduce the inflammation in different parts of the body.

4. They are rich also in Vitamin A and flavonoids like beta-carotene, zeaxanthin, cryptoxanthin and lutein, which keep the mucous membranes in the eyes healthy, preventing them from damage.

5. Vitamin A in papaya is utilized in the production of sebum, a compound that is crucial for keeping the hair smooth, shiny and moisturized. Thus promote the growth of hair and protect the skin also.

There are many varieties and the common ones in Kenya includes;

a) Solo; produces small round sweet fruits with uniform sizes and shape. It’s hermaphroditic and popular for both local and export markets.

b) Vega F1; produces medium sized fruits with an attractive red flesh. Fruits are firm and sweet, weighing 1-1.2kg.

c) Sunrise; produces smooth pear shaped fruits of high quality, weighing about 400-650g. Flesh of fruits is reddish orange and the variety is high yielding.

d) Mountain; produces small fruits only suitable for preserves and jam.

e) Red royale F1; this is an improved breed that gives good quality fruits weighing 1.7-2.3kgs which have red attractive colour and are very sweet.

f) Sinta F1; female fruits are round while hermaphrodite fruits are oblong with an average weight of 2kg. Flesh is deep yellow, firm and sweet.

The prices of hybrid pawpaw seeds ranges from ksh 200 to Ksh 500 depending on the quantity and brand in major towns as shown below.

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