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How to Cook Tastier French Beans with Meat

French beans meat recipe is very delicious healthy and easy to cook. The non- vegetarian people might be thinking of how to cook french beans with meat. Therefore, here is the recipe for French beans with meat which is not only healthy but also great in taste.


2 cups of fresh French beans

1 cup of cubed carrots

2 medium sized onions finely chopped

2 cups of finely chopped ripe tomatoes

½ tablespoon grated garlic

2 tablespoon of cooking oil

2 cubes of Royco

½ cup of beef broth leftover

Salt and pepper as per taste


Light your heat source and place a 'sufuria' or frying pan on the heat. Put two tablespoons of cooking oil and add the chopped onions. Keep the heat moderate.

When the onions are turning to golden brown, add the grated garlic and mix it properly. After a minute or two, add cubed carrots and the French beans. Continue frying and stir for about 5 minutes.

Sprinkle the salt and add pepper if you like. Add the Royco cube and stir gently.

At this point make sure all the ingredients are mixed up properly and add your beef broth.

Stir for another five minutes and let the mixture simmer. Make sure that nothing is overcooked. Remove the pan from the heat.

This dish can be served with rice to three to four people.

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French French Beans Royco Tastier


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