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The Best Way Of Checking The Amount Of Gas Left Instead Of Shaking It

Most people nowadays use gas for cooking purposes. Gas has several advantages over the traditional forms of energy such as firewood or charcoal. One of the major advantages is that it's faster when compared to the forms mentioned above.

However, one of the main disadvantages of using gas is that you can tell when the gas cylinder will run dry. Thus cylinder can dry up unexpectedly living you in an awkward position. Most people have the habit of shaking the gas cylinders so that they can estimate the amount of gas left. However, this is a bad habit and it can lead to a fire outbreak. Today, am going to share with you one of the safest ways of checking the amount of gas left in the gas cylinders.

To know the amount of gas left, all you have to do is wet the cylinder with cold water. After some time, the used top portion of the cylinder will be dry, while the bottom portion will remain wet indicating the amount of gas left in the cylinder. The portion with gas will remain wet because gas is always cold thus it will prevent the heat from reaching the bottom part.

The gas cylinders used in some countries, on the other hand, are transparent, and the contents inside the cylinder are always colored purposely in some countries. Those cylinders always allow individuals to keep track of the contents of the cylinder and plan ahead of time when to replenish the gas cylinder as necessary before the gas cylinders run dry. In the future, Aluminum gas cylinders will be replaced by transparent ones.

The video below provides more information and an illustration of how you can know the level of gas left in the gas cylinders without shaking. Click on YouTube to watch the video.


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