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"Kama Sio Madhara ya Bangi Basi ni Nini" Kenyans Reacts to Video of a TikToker Counting Rice Grains.

It's never a dull day with TikTok. Have you ever asked yourself how many grains are in one Kilogram pack of rice or had thoughts of counting them?

So, a man on his live video on TikTok shared a video of him counting the rice grains by use of a pencil. The process took him many hours to count every single grain of rice.

This took his audience by surprise as they were shocked how one would take his/ her time to do such a thing. And from the screenshot shared below, it shows that around one thousand and seven hundred people were watching him count the grains.

Some of his audience made assumptions by saying that it might be a result of smoking bhang ( hii kama sio Madhara ya Bangi basi ni nini). Another one recognized his patience (woow, you're extremely patient) because for one to count all those grains, he/ she needs to exercise patience since it will take a lot of their time.

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