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Cheff Revealed How To Make Tasty Sukuma Wiki And Have Meaty Taste

The month of January is the longest month to many because they spend most of their money during the festive season. Therefore buying even meat every evening is a challenge.

Here's is how you can compensate meat with good sukuma wiki for your family.


2 bunches Sukuma Wiki(cut into thin shreds)

1/2 large Onion(sliced)


1 Tomato(diced)

Salt and pepper

Royco cube/Knorr sukuma wiki cube(optional)


1. Cook the onion and garlic with little oil in a suitable pan/pot until soft or translucent and golden brown

2. Add the sukuma and stir.

3. Allow to cook while covered for about 2 minutes then stir again.

4. Add the salt and pepper at this point as well as the diced tomatoes.

5. Stir to allow to cook further for about 2 more minutes or until the sukuma wiki is cooked.

Note, skip the salt and pepper If you are using the ROYCO cubes

-Add the cubes by crushing with the fingers and mix into the vegetables.

- Taste and add more of the cube until you get your desired taste.

Serve hot as a side dish or with UGALI.

Enjoy your meal.

Content created and supplied by: Shirowajomo (via Opera News )

Garlic( Onion( Royco Sukuma Tomato(


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