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"Tunaenda Sugarless" Funny Reactions As Sugar Hits A New High Price Record On The Shelves

A section of netizens have been sharing a number of photos depicting the new prices of sugar that is being retailed from different parts of the country. Dozens of Kenyans across social media have been lamenting on the high prices of sugar which has been shooting up day in and day out.

In a photo that one netizen shared online, a 2KG packet of sugar could seen having a price tag of Ksh.470. In another photo that a netizen also shared, a new record price of Ksh.550 could be seen as the tagged price of the sweet commodity.

Meanwhile, a section of the netizen have expressed hilarious reactions towards the new high prices of the sugar. One netizen hilariously noted that he parted ways with sugar and that he only meets sugar while he is taking sweets which only costs him Ksh.50.

Another netizen hilariously noted that the prices of salt will also soon rise. The netizen predicted that by the end of the first term of the current regime, then the salt prices will shoot to Ksh.100 from the current price of Ksh.20.

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