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African nightshade seed processing and storage

African nightshade (solanum nigrum) mostly know as Managu the name that stems from the Agikuyu community in Kenya and other local names include, mnavu (by the Swahili?) Namasaka (by the Abaluhya), osuga( by the luo), isoiyot (by the kipsigs) etc. There two types of managu consumed in Kenya, these are solanum scabrum and solanum vilosum, the most common consumed is solanum scabrum.

Here are a few steps for processing and storage :

Step 1: Hand pick and collect mature 

fruits that have turned purple/black in 

color and place them in the shade for 

about 24 hours.

Step 2: Put the fruits in a mortar and 

lightly crush them using a pestle.

Step 3: Place the crushed fruit and seeds in an open plastic 

container. Fill the container with water and stir to allow the pieces 

of fruit flesh and gel to float.

Step 4: Gently remove the floating fruit flesh skin and tilt the 

container to allow more floating seed to pour out. Quality seeds 

will remain at the bottom. Repeat the washing several times with 

fresh water until all the flesh and gel are completely removed.

Step 5: Place the washed seeds in a bag/wrap in a cotton cloth 

and hang in the shade for about 24 hours to remove excess 


Step 6: Place the partially dried seeds on a flat plastic surface 

like a tarpaulin which is raised off the ground under little heat 

(not in direct sunlight). Loosen any clump of seeds and stir 2 to 3 

times per day so that seeds dry uniformly.

Step 7: Store clean seed in a cool, well ventilated and dry place.

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