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"Hiyo Ni Set up" Netizens Spark Mixed Reactions After An Engineer Invents A Machine For Making Ugali

Cooking is an art that is carefully mastered over a period of time to gain the perfection. It is a passion that so many people have had since childhood while others learnt how to prepare simple and delicious meals back in school. Some have had a passion for cooking since they are people who love food so much hence would do anything to make a good meal.

Different meals are believed to be associated with different groups of people from different regions across the country. For example,the luhya community are believed to be fans of Ugali and chicken since most of them practice farming while the Nandi community are commonly known for the mursik drink which is a traditional drink consisting of fermented milk.

As said earlier, cooking is an art and when you doing it,you have to be passionate about it and apply as much energy as possible. However,this saying seems to be deteriorating since people are coming up with different technologies to replace the normal way of doing simple tasks. A certain engineer has taken the internet by a blow after he came up with a machine that aids in cooking Ugali without the use of heat. In the video,the man I seen spinning Ugali with a tool that keeps turning the Ugali. With this invention,a section of netizens have disagreed with it claiming that it is expensive and difficult to handle and uses so much energy compared to the normal way of preparing Ugali. Below are some of the comments from netizens who aired their opinion.What is your opinion on this invention? Leave your comments below.

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Hiyo Ni Ugali


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