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What I Feed My Chicken Daily to Grow Faster, Stay Healthy And Give Me Quality Eggs.

Chicken rearing has been common in most parts of the country and everyone wants to rear the to earn income from them. They are of many species like we have Kienyeji Pure,improved Kienyeji and many more. It depends on what you like to have and what you want from them. Their are also broilers for meat only but today am going to educate you on egg laying chicken and how to improve the quality of the egg and their healthy.

You can rear chicken and make alot of money from them like if they lay alot of eggs you can seek them and you even sell the chicken too to get good money. If you feed them quality feeds you are going to get great money from them.

My story I started rearing chicken 2 years ago and I started with 2 chicken and 1 Cock and now am having almost hundred of them and I make money through them. As I said earlier it depends on what you feed them and how healthy your chicken is to be able to give you good yields.

If you want to your chicken to be healthy and give you good yield feed them with this Omena or small fish. Fish has alot of nutrients and good fatty oils that helps the chicken to give out good eggs and stay healthy. Take the normal feed you always give them mix them with those Omena give them daily and you will see the difference.

You can crush the Omena into powder like or you can just cut them into small pieces and mix them with the feed. 2 weeks after giving them this you will see that they have changed and their eggs will be of high quality.

I thought it is good to share my experience with you and hope this article will be useful to you too.

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