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Easiest Way To Cook Chicken Biryani

There are many ways of cooking this dish but let's head for the easiest way to make chicken biryani, kachumbari and Pilipili.


1 whole chicken cut into medium sizes

1kg rice (Basmati preferred)

1/2 Kg Potatoes

5 large Tomatoes

3 Large Onions

3 Cloves Garlic

1L Maziwa Lala




5 Lemon/ vinegar

5 Chillies

2 Bell papers

2 Different food colours ( of choice)

3 soup spoon tomato paste

Curry powder/ royco cubes/ Jumbo



1. Blend the garlic, ginger, bell papers together and afterwards blend the tomatoes.

2. To the washed chicken, add garlic ginger blended paste, paprika(optional) salt, and squeeze 3 lemons/ or vinegar. Cover with foils and leave it to marinate. (Optional as you can just fry the chicken without this step)

3. Cut to the potatoes in your preferred size and add a little egg yellow food colour.

4. Spice the onions into medium sized rings.

Directions for cooking

1. Biryani

Deed fry the marinated chicken till golden brown as below.

In the same oil fry the Potatoes for something like 5 mins, they should be thoroughly cooked to because it will cook in the stew.

Take some of the remaining oil to another pan and fry the onions till golden brown and put in a plate to cool.

In a pot add just a small amount of oil, then the blended mixture from earlier including the blended tomatoes, tomato paste, curry powder and leave to cook for 5 mins.

Add the fried chicken, potatoes, and finally the caramelised onions and after 5 mins add Maziwa mala, corriander, simmer for 2 mins and the stew is ready.

2. Rice

Wash the basmati rice and add water, salt and small amount of oil and leave to cook.

Once cooked take a teaspoon of food colour in a bowl and mix with water then pour in the rice in one part. You can also mix another colour of your choice and add to the rice and let it be under low heat for 3 mins. Afterwards, mix the rice so that the colour combine and your rice is ready.

3. Kachumbari

Slice the onions into thin rings and wash with salt and water.

Slice tomatoes into thin slices and add the sliced onions, some corriander, salt to taste, squeeze a lemon and mixed.

4. Pilipili

In a blender add chillies of your liking, squeeze some lemon, salt, one large onion, corriander, two tomatoes, and carrot.

In a pan add the mixture with oil,cook it for 5mins and set down to cool.

Here's our final product


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