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Avoid Doing 5 Mistakes When Cooking Spaghetti

Spaghetti is one of our most popular dishes, and it goes well with stews, sauces, and jollof.

However, despite how simple it is to prepare, we still make unintentional mistakes.

The following are the top 5 spaghetti-cooking blunders.

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1) Making Use Of A Small Pot

Squeezing a large amount of spaghetti into a tiny saucepan is one of the most common blunders we make when cooking spaghetti. It's completely incorrect! When you cook spaghetti in a smaller pot, the temperature of the water lowers significantly while the pasta is cooking, resulting in clumpy and mushy spaghetti (as Nigerians would say).

2) The water is salted.

When boiling spaghetti, don't forget that salt also offers iodine benefits, and aside from the fact that the salt would not go into the pasta, remember that we sift the water.

Follow this advice next time you're making spaghetti: Before pouring your pasta, bring your water to a boil and add 1- 2 teaspoons of salt.

3) Using Too Much Water When Cooking Spaghetti

I understand your impatience to eat. However, if you put the pasta in before the water is ready to boil, the pasta will sit in cold water.

It becomes gummy and sticky as a result of this. Next time, wait until the water has reached a rolling boil before adding your pasta.

4) Spaghetti that hasn't been mixed:

The majority of people dump their spaghetti into a pot and walk away, leaving it to boil on its own. This isn't rice, so don't expect it to taste like it.

After pouring the pasta into the water, make sure to mix it.

5) Spaghetti Rinsing

We always presume that the starch isn't healthy and that rinsing it will improve it. Meanwhile, you have no idea that by washing the flour, you are rinsing the high-quality flavor from the spaghetti.

Rather, filter the water out and serve!

I hope this essay was useful to you in some way. If the answer is yes, then tell others about it.

Content created and supplied by: AbigaelOngaga (via Opera News )


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