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Don't Put These 15 Foods on Your Dog's Menu

They say a dog is man's best friend. It also means a man is his dog's best friend. This should hold true especially when it comes to what foods you put on your dog's menu. While most of the following foods are healthy for you to eat, they are harmful and should not be on your dog's menu.

You might be thinking you are giving your dog a treat, but actually you are signing your dog's death certificate when you put these foods on your dog's menu. Some of these common foods might surprise you especially since they are healthy for humans.


Avocados are good for making guacamole, but don't give any of this to your dog because avocados contain persin, a substance that is harmless to humans who aren't allergic. However, large amounts of avocados can be deadly for dogs.

Persin is in the leaves, seeds, and bark. So, keep your dog away from avocado plants as well.

2.Beverages: Coffee, Tea and Alcoholic Beverages

Refrain from giving your dog caffeine in any form. Theobromine that is found in chocolate is also found in coffee and tea. No alcoholic beverage including beer, liquor, wine, and foods containing alcohol should be given to your dog.

It takes far less alcohol for a dog's brain and liver to be affected by alcohol. The effect is greater for smaller dogs. So stop taking your dog to Happy Hour at the local bar.

Be careful what you feed your dog.

3.Candies and Gum and Other Things

Candy of any type, gum, baked goods, and diet foods should be kept away from your dog because they are sweetened with xylitol that will make your dog's blood sugar to drop.

This will cause liver failure within just a few days. Your dog may have seizures. Also, keep toothpaste out of reach of your dog.

Don't give your dog too much milk and other dairy products.

4.Dairy Products

Do not give your dog dairy products, including milk. Do not give into the temptation of sharing your ice cream cone with your dog even though we have seen this happen in the movies.

Milk and milk-based products can cause diarrhea and other digestive ailments.

Don't give your dog chocolate.


Chocolate might be a treat for yourself, but chocolate could kill your dog. White chocolate is not harmful, but the fat and sugar are not good for your dog. Dark chocolate, baker's chocolate, and cocoa powder are the most dangerous. They contain theobromine, a methylxanthine derivative, that could cause a dog to urinate more frequently than usual, vomit, have diarrhea and seizures. How chocolates affect the dog depends on the size of the dog, the type of chocolate and how much chocolate your dog eats.

How chocolates affect the dog depends on the size of the dog, the type of chocolate and how much chocolate your dog eats.

To be on the safe side, don't give your dog any chocolate!

6.Grapes and Raisins

Grapes and raisins are on everybody list of healthy foods; however, these should not be on your dog's menu because they are deadly for your dog.

Grapes and raisins lead to kidney failure. While you might not give your dogs grapes and raisins by the handful, raisins might be in cakes and cookies. Do not give these as a treat. Keep them off counters and other places where your dog might help himself.

7.Onions, Garlic, and Chives

Your dog can do without onions, garlic, and chives if you want him to continue living. Do not let your dog eat onions, garlic or chives in any form whether they are dry, raw, powdered, dehydrated or cooked.

All three of these foods contain thiosulphate that can irritate the gastrointestinal system of your dog. Thiosulphate given in a high dosage in one meal or consumed in several days can damage red blood cells in your dog.

A well-fed dog is a happy dog.

8.The Three P's: Peaches, Persimmons, and Plums

You should not give your dog peaches, persimmons, and plums not because of the fruit but because of the seeds and pits. The seeds from persimmons can cause inflammation of the small intestine and intestinal obstruction. This is also true if your dog eats a pit from a peach or plum. Cyanide, found in peach and plum pits, is poisonous to both humans and dogs. Humans know not to eat the pits while dogs don't know how not to eat them.

9.Macadamia Nuts

Do not ever give your dog raw or roasted macadamia nuts or macadamia butter. They contain a dangerous toxin that can cause excessive panting, tremors, and swollen limbs.

Keep your medicine away from your dog.


Your medicine is for you, but it could poison and kill your dog. Keep all medicines out of your dog's reach just as you should keep it out of your children's reach.

Do not give your dog any medicine unless it is prescribed by your vet. Some medicine could be deadly for your dog.

11.Raw Eggs

If you give your dogs raw eggs, there is the possibility of food poisoning from bacteria like Salmonella or E. coli. Additionally, an enzyme in raw eggs interferes with the absorption of Vitamin B. This may cause skin problems and a problem with your dog's coat.

12.Raw Meat and Fish

Raw meat and raw fish contain bacteria that cause food poisoning. Also, certain kinds of fish contain a parasite that might kill your dog within two weeks.

Cooking the fish will kill the parasite and spare your dog's life.

13.Salty Foods

Do not share snacks with your dog. Salty foods like chips or pretzels should be kept away from your dog because eating too much salt can cause excessive thirst and urination and lead to sodium ion poisoning. This may cause death.

14.Table Scraps and Bones

If it's not good for you, then it is not good for your dog to eat. Both cooked and uncooked fat trimmed from meat can cause pancreatitis in dogs.

A dog can choke on bones even though it is natural to give a dog a bone. Splinters can be in bones that can lacerate your dog's digestive system.

15.Yeast Dough

Yeast dough needs to rise and it will rise in your dog's stomach if you let him eat it. The rising dough can stretch the dog's abdomen and cause severe pain. Also, yeast ferments and will produce alcohol that leads to alcohol poisoning.

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