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Here Is Why Your Cooking Pot Or Frying Pan Has This Hole On Its Handle

In our daily lives we interact with many things. However, there are some things we are never keen on and some don't even care to know about them.

I am sure each one of us has a frying pan or cooking pot with an handle. Have you ever asked yourself why the handle has a hole at its end? Most people know that it is for hanging the pan after it has been washed, that is true. But does this apply to those who don't hang their pans?

The hole on the handle is used to hold your cooking spoon during cooking. Instead of placing the spoon or cooking stick on the table or some other place that might be contaminated, you can use it to hold your spoon. It gives a strong grip to the cooking spoon and so you will not be worried that it will drop.

Check these photos below of how the hole works.

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