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Facts: If You Are In The Following Category Of People Start Avoiding To Eat Salt Completely.

Table Salt is an important refined mineral that contains almost 98% of Sodium Chloride an essential elements in the human body. Although salt is an important nutrient to human body which contains Calcium and more so adds better taste and flavors to recipes, some people are advised not to use it depending on one's health conditions.

Those people with these health conditions are greatly advised either to minimize salt usage or avoiding it if at all they can.

1. Old people -We all know many cases of old people associated with various diseases,therefore to avoid risk of diseases attack i.e heart failure in these old people they are advised to minimize or not to consume salt.

2. People who want to live Young. This is everybody's wish to stay young and not to get old. If you know that is your daily wish avoid eating Salt because research shows that it is an aging component. It speeds up the again process.

3. Those People with Blood Pressure BP. Research also shows that eating too much salt can cause blood pressure or trigger it to those already affected which can lead to heart failure sometimes. It is advisable to those with this problem to avoid salt completely unless advised otherwise by the doctor.

4. People with Acers of any type either stomach or mouth. Stomach Acers are caused by excessive stomach acid. This problem sometimes leads to heartburn. People with this problem are also advised to avoid taking salt because it triggers them especially heartburn. Avoid salt and taking too much water reduces the effects.

5. Children- Giving children high intake of salt is very risky to their health because research shows children can also be affecte by High blood pressure, Obesity at the under age also respiratory problems all caused by salt consumption. It is advisable to consult your nutritionist on matters concerning feeding of your child.

Sources says that not only the above Category of people who are advised either to avoid or minimize taking too much salt but also You who is having good health now, should minimize salt consumption for our better health tomorrow.

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