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How To Prepare Delicious Mukimo.

By Consolata Lukayu.

Today l have come up with how to prepare Mukimo, Kenyans delicious meal.

•what You Need.

Boiled maize .

Sweet potatoes.

Fresh green peas.

Fresh french beans.





Cooking oil


In a sufuria,reboil in salty water the maize, potatoes, peas and beans mix to softness.Cut your onions and pound your garlic and ginger.

When boiled, pound them to form amash( all the maize might not mash up that's okay).

Place a sufuria to heat, fry your garlic ginder,mix to golden brown then add onions and let cook till it's all juice and soft.

Add the mash mix,stir till of it is soaked with the onions and oil.Allow to cook under low heat for about 10 minutes then remove and serve.

If you have kids or have a chewing problem add milk to get a soup like meal and enjoy,is delicious and nutritious.

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Content created and supplied by: Consylukayu (via Opera News )

Kenyans Mukimo


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