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Opinion: Best Maize flour in Kenya

Ugali is the most common meal in our homes. Some communities like it as their favourite meals. Ugali is very healthy as it has several advantages unto our bodies. Apart from our local flour commonly known grade 2, there are other flours that are highly graded and very expensive when processed. They include :

N/B: Others come in two types, that is maize and millet.

1. Hostess.

Its the most expensive.

2.Soko Maize flour.









They are packed in 1kg and 2kg bags.

Ugali has benefits that includes :

1.Rich in carbohydrates.

2.Rich in iron.

3. source of corn oil that has good antioxidant properties.

4.Very Nutritious and appetizing.

5 Prevents constipation.

6. Reduces acidity.

What is unique about the above mentioned flour is that, they are easy to cook and faster. Also they are very nutritious.

Most communities that practice maize farming do take ugali. For example, western kenya, Rift valley and some parts of Nyanza.

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