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Price Of The Two Burner KOKO Cooker In Kenyan Shillings

With the current fluctuations in the kenyan economy causing increase in the prices of charcoal, kerosene and cooking gas some of the people are currently turning into the two burner KOKO cooker.

The two burner koko cooker is currently available for use in the market. It is actually far much more better than the ordinary jiko and cooking stove. It cooks faster than them hence help in saving time.

The two burner koko cooker uses a certain type of fuel which is not that much expensive compared to the fuel prices per litre currently. Two litres of the koko cooker fuel currently costs 197 kenyan shillings. This means that one litres of the fuel is 98.50 Kenyan Shillings.

Let's finish by checking out the price of the two burner koko cooker. It now currently costs averagely between 2,200 Kenyan Shillings to 2,500 kenyan shillings.

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