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Avoid Boiling Water When Preparing Omena, Instead Do The Following


Omena is one of the most popular foods in Kenya. Remember Kenya is one of the country with indigenous foods. However, it is a appreciated by millions daily. It is easy, it is fast and delicious food. If cooked well, it is nice and delicious food. Therefore, am going to show you how you can cook it well.


A cup of Omena

One onion

Cooking oil

Prepared chillies


1. Carefully remove all the dirty residues from the Omena and then put it in a clean bowl.

2. Pour cold or warm to the Omena until it's slightly covered.

3. Make sure you wash it by rubbing it between your balms. When the water gets dirty change it and continue with the process until the water remain almost clean.

4. Remove all off the extra water from the Omena and set it aside.

5. Pour two spoonfuls of cooking oil into your pan and set it on medium heat.

6. Wait for the oil to get and pour in the pan and stir. Stir constantly until the it turns golden brown. Remove it from the heat.

7. Place another pan with a spoonful of oil on heat and pour in the chopped onions. Let your onions also turn golden brown. Then add garlic.

8. Add the chopped pepper and continue stirring for some minutes. Then add tomatoes and stir it well until they are tender and crushed.

9. Add Omens and mix well. Add pinch of salt, royco cube and mix. Stir for some minutes and then remove from heat. Then it is ready to serve.

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