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Ksh 2K Ugali Choma: See Menu Of Kenyan Hotel Based In The United Kingdom, UK

Sometimes people tend to compare the services and the prices as outlined on the menu once they enter a certain hotel in the country and even abroad. For those like roasted meat, researchers has shared the comparisons between Kenyan Hotel menu and that of the United Kingdom, UK.

Photo of Ugali and nyama choma, and the menu on the left.

According to the locals and tourists that have visited the joint, it is a favourite for many due to its exquisite service in giving the customers a taste of Africa and the zeal of African food.

It has been reported that at Maasai Mara Hotel located in Kenya, offers Ugali with 'choma' at Ksh. 2, 000. At the Hotel, the review of the menu a reveals a mix of the kenyan Cuisines ranging from Ugali to Nyama choma, Kienyeji all at different prices. It is reported that a plate of Ugali and Nyama choma will cost a customer around ksh. 1, 955 while fries costs ksh 225.

At Masai Hotel the main dishes include nyama choma which is reported to be charcoal roasted meat, Tilapia fish, stewed beef, beef burger with chips, chicken wings which are at 7 pieces and 15 pieces.

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