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Checkout on the Tips to Prepare a Soft Mandazi

Mandazi is a food that is consumed oftenly in Kenya.Despite it's popularity many Kenyans find it difficult to prepare soft mandazi.Below are the four tips on how to prepare a soft Mandazi:First tip is to prepare your dough and give it time of about 30 minutes to ferment before you start preparing your mandazis and ensure you cover it properly.Secondly ensure will you prepare your mandazis when rolling,they should not be very thin.So when cutting pieces from you dough make sure they are big enough to prevent mandazis from becoming hard like crips.Mandazi is delicious when it is thick rather than thin.Thirdly ensure you don't use excessive heat when frying your mandazis because they will automatically be hard.Lastly ensure after you prepare your mandazis they should be well covered well after being fried.Covering ensures that your mandazis don't lose the moisture and get hard.Thanks for reading and please share and comment.

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