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"Never Consume any Meat Juice With This Color," WHO Warns

While commemorating the World Food Safety Day, the World Health Organization has issued pivotal guidelines that ought to be instituted in an effort to curb the acquisition of food related diseases.

Taking into consideration the fact that cooking habits vary from person to the other, the World Health Organization has sensitized the general public on pivotal and standardized cooking criteria that ought to brought into play during the cooking chores.

The organization advocated for through cooking of food especially meat, poultry, eggs and seafood articulating that soups and stew should be boiled to a temperature of atleast 70 degrees Celsius. According to WHO, these suitable for killing microorganisms. The organization further warned the public against consuming meat/poultry juice that is pink in color, but advocated for the consumption of the juice that is clear.

"Boil soup and stews to atleast 70 degress. For meat and poultry, make sure that juices are clear not pink," WHO stated.

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