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Do Not Take Yogurt, Butter Or Milk If You Have Any Of These Health-Related Problems

Yoghurt is rich in nutrients and is the best breakfast alternative. If it is not sweetened, it is very low in carbohydrates and very rich in proteins. According to the United States, the Department of Agriculture adults should consume 3 servings of milk or milk related products every day.

However, this is very controversial with healthcare experts who say that sweetened yoghurt may affect your health. If you have these conditions, please do not consume sweetened yoghurt.

1. Diabetes

Avoid Yogurt that contains sugar additives, they can contribute to an increase in blood sugar which can lead to severe blood-related conditions.

2. Obesity

If you are over-weight you could be at risk of Heart Disease if you consume Yogurt, it contains fats and it might increase insulin production in your body. Sodas, Butter, Milk and other sweet drinks might accelerate the rate of obesity and fatty liver issues.

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