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Between Selling Mutura And Hawking Coffee, Which Is The Best Hustle For You?

Take your minute to know something about the two hustles. Selling mutura in road sides and hawking coffee in street has attracted many jobless youth. We have seen the number of entrepreneurs venturing in the two businesses increasingly rapidly. Let's discuss the two businesses each at a time.

Selling mutura

Mutura costs Ksh 10 or 20 Bob depending with your seller. The main ingredients for mutura are small intestines, blood and other internal organs of animals. Some sellers accompanies mutura with kanchumbari. 

This is how the business is runned:You give your Sh20 or 10 Bob which the seller puts in his pocket. The seller uses the same hands to hold the mutura as he cuts you a piece. If another fellow comes along with a note and it’s the same thing all over again. The process continues as mutura seller makes his/her money. If seller can manage to serve hundred customers a day, he/she will have made between sh 1000-5000

Hawking Kahawa 

Hawking kahawa is another simple business that has employed many Kenyans. After the sun set, you will see many people carrying containers filled with kahawa and cups ready for sale. If seller can manage to sell one full coffee container, he will go home with sh 2000.

Now you can decide which is best business you can start between the two

Content created and supplied by: KimKinara (via Opera News )

Hawking Mutura


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