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How to prepare soft and sweet mandazi

Welcome again to my page, I am sure after reading this article you be able to make or prepare a very nice mandazi for yourself at home,

Many people got discouraged when they prepare hard mandazi with bad colour as you know mandazi should be golden brown which looks more appealing to your eyes

Now let have the ingredients required for soft and sweet mandazi

1. Flour (EXE Mandazi) 2kg

2. Sugar 1 cup

3. Pinch of salt

4. Blue Band 4 tspn

5. Oil

6. Milk 3 cups

7. Cardamon 1 tspn (optional)

Let's go to the procedure of Mandazi

* First you need to have a bowl, mixe the flour, salt, sugar, Blue band and cardamon together

* Add look warm milk to the mixture and continue mixing them

* When it is well mixed add look warm water and make the dough soft than that of chapati,( I mean which is so sticky to your hands)

* When it is ready finish up with 3 tspn of oil and cover with cling film, leave it to rest for 30 minutes

* After that cut the dough into small balls using flour, (I know the dough will be more sticky but use enough flour to cut them off, this will prevent it from sticking to your hands

* After making the balls on your table, heat the oil and roll the dough round and cut them into four equal pieces

* Deep them into the oil and when it raises up, turn them immediately to avoid bursting because of high heat from the bottom of oil

* When them bottom is golden brown turn it up and and allow it to cook again, remove it from oil and drain off the oil and place it into your sufuria

This is so easy and your mandazi will come out clean and good to eat them with tea or any of your favorite drinks,

Thanks for reading my article please like my page.

Content created and supplied by: AronKibetbii (via Opera News )

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