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Preparing Sweet Crunchy Kangumus

Kangumus are crunchy squared Mandazis that are mostly eaten by students.Most people fear making them because they say they are hard to make and if they try they end up being like the normal mandazis. Follow the steps below and make sure you have all ingredients and be sure of making soft crunchy Kangumus .

20 minutes 2 cooksnaps


10 servings

1 kg all purpose flour

Half a cup sugar

2 tablespoon baking powder

2 tbsp melted margarine or hot oil

2 eggs

Deep frying oil

1 pinch orange food color

1 pinch salt

1 cup hot milk


1.Mix all ingredients together, flour, eggs, margarine, food color, sugar, salt, baking powder.

Mix them thoroughly to get a good texture.

2.Add milk and knead to in between soft and hard dough

3.DON'T let the dough to settle. Roll into 2cm width and cut into squares.

4.Cut the squares halfway and open it like a book.

5.Deep fry immediately in a lot of cooking oil to cover the entire dough.

Serve with favourite beverage.

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Crunchy Kangumus Mandazis


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