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The Inside Story Behind Kenyans Love For 'Mutura' in Urban Areas and the Ingredients Used to Make It

Kenyans' love for Mutura is unshakeable that not even government warnings of disease outbreaks caused by contaminated water or food, would stop Kenyans from taking it.

The famed African sausage has an allure that makes one forget or questions its ingredients. People are not bothered how its prepared or the area where they collect the meat from. Some of the questions that Kenyans dont ask are:

1. Diarrhoea is not a case

This is the common rule of the game. Many who are disturbed by the taking mutura dont complain nor lounge a case. The term used is "kuhara si kesi."

2. Ask no questions about ingredients.

Many netizens dont question the ingredients contained in the processing of the african sausage since it's common in the urban areas. The ingredients according to the vendors are always its meat and the intestines of either cow or goat. They are always grounded to make small pieces that fit in the intestines. Others use blood clot that makes them to be pipe in size.

3. Stale 'Kachumbari' is normal.

The ingredients of kachumbari is complete when taking mutura in the cities. This makes netizens to enjoy the meal since it's a source of delicacy. The hidden treasure is that it is prepared hours earlier but netizens cannot question its authenticity.

4. Done in Open Air space

A complete vendor has the chopping board, knife jiko and table. This are the items that are used to control the business and make sure the working environment is complete.

5. Hygiene not considered

This is a factor that is not considered at all since netizens flock the vendor in large numbers to take their pieces of mutura.

6. It's an evening affair

Most of the vendors flock their place of work in the wee hours of evening. This will make them not to enquire more about the ingredients in the mutura. Its black in nature that sounds as its name evening.

7. Buy Kidogo Kidogo

It's the nature of the business. This is the deal of the day, many like buying in small quantities. This is the strategy used by netizens. Eat one by one like groundnut.

8. Salute the Seller

This is the first form of greeting the vendor. This makes the vendor to know that he or she has prepared something special. "Leo mutura imeweza."

What are you experience in the sector?

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