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Follow this steps to cook soft chapati at your home

Chapati is a quintessence of the Indian cuisine so much so that no meal is complete without this Indian flat bread. The ingredients are wheat flour, water salt and either you can use ghee or not it's optional. They are steps one could use to make them soft and delicious.

1. Knead A Smooth Dough

To start with, take a large-sized bowl or basin, put two cups of flour add a cup of water, salt and ghee in it. Mix well and start kneading a dough. You should make sure that the dough is not too thick nor too thin. The mixture is the one known as dough and it is supposed be of a soft and pliable consistency. Add water to get the consistency right. Keep kneading for sometime.

2.Flatten The Dough Balls

Roll out few balls from the prepared dough and place them on a flat surface such as table. Now flatten them using the rolling pin. Note that you can use the flour in order to prevent the rolls from sticking to the surface. They are supposed to be rolled to form a round shape.

3.Cook The Chapati

Once the cooking pan is heated enough, put the chapati on the pan and cook from both sides. You can use a pair of tongs to flip over to the other side.

The flame should be kept to medium because too much heat might burn the chapati hence turning the black and not soft.

Check for the little brown spots when they start appearing that means the chapati will start to puff, indicating that it's completely cooked. Once done, transfer in a kitchen towel to keep them warm.

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