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The Food Will Make You Fall In Love With Zanzibar

Zanzibar has been well known for its best use of food spices that legends and lore will praise.There is a lot of things to love if you get to Zanzibar, Its crystal waters, sandy beaches, amazing wildlife, and diverse culture all make Zanzibar a beautiful little heaven you might consider to visit on a vacation.If this hasn’t persuaded you to grab your passport and head to the airport, here I am going to give you some of the best food that will make you not to book your flight back to your country place.


Although Biryani has been found in most countries in Eastern Africa, no one can compare with Biryani from Zanzibar.The huge difference is created with the millions of spices in this country.This special food is mainly tailored in the following format:Rice is cooked with a mélange of spices such as cinnamon, ginger, cumin, chilli, cardamom, nutmeg and cloves, then it is mixed with meat mostly fish meat.If you dare it these biryani meal , I swear you won't forget Zanzibar.


If you taste this meal you are having a taste of two countries that is India and Portugal.Pieces of deep fried liver are stewed in a mix of vinegar and spices such as masala and tamarind to create this tasty meaty dish.


If you visit some places like sons of Royal road you will experience true happiness of this country with this delicious food.It is a curried coconut broth that is poured into a bowl and topped with an array of ingredients.

Swahili curries

This is the only food in Zanzibar that has everything from spices to food itself being native.Eating this food will give you the feel of being a native of this beautiful island.This food mainly consist of heavenly fish curry with potatoes or spinach

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Biryani Zanzibar


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