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Stop Losing Your Chickens, Use These 3 Local Herbs To Prevent Your Chicken From Falling Sick Easily

Many members of the public are poultry keepers on either a small scale or a large scale farming for consumption at home or for business.

Most poultry keepers experience the unbearable pain of investing very hard on chickens and on the other side easily loosing them to some common diseases such as Fowl Cholera, Newcastle, Bronchitis, Marek's Disease, coccidiosis and many more.

Due to this unbearable pain, I want to bring you on board some three locally available herbs that can play a very big role in preventing you from losing you chickens to diseases.

Let's get started.

In preparing our able herbs to the chickens, we will require;

(i) Aloe vera leaves which positively affects the cellular immunity and the hormonal immune response of the chickens.

(ii) Chilli Pepper which helps chickens in improving it's digestibility as well as boosting it's immunity.

(iii) We will also require Mexican sunflower leaves as well.

How To Prepare and Administer Our Herb Solution.

First we will assemble all our three herbs mentioned above.

Then we will grind them separately to smother particles and then mix them all together while adding a considerable amount of water.

After mixing, we will be required to sieve the solution to get rid of the large particles that were probably left ungrinded so that we will be left with the liquid solution only.

To administer this herb solution, we will leave the liquid solution overnight and start administering it as from the following day.

After 12-15 hours, you will then put the liquid solution on several open objects just like you often administer water and then place this liquid on different places ,letting the chickens sip at their own pleasure.

You are recommended not to force the chickens to sip the herb solution since they are not sick and our solution is meant for prevention. You can repeat the procedure and administer this solution as much as you can. Finally,wait for positive results.

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