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Stop Saying Good Morning, It's Wrong. 9 Wrong English and Corrections.

Some varieties of English are part of our everyday lexicon without our ever realizing it. The following are some common errors in our English usage, along with their proper replacements.

wrong English 8 The meat was too strong for Vida to consume.


Vida found the meat to be too rough to eat.

incorrect Both Baidoo and his brother Shakur are employed in the service industry; Baidoo is a gatekeeper and Shakur is a shoemaker.


Unlike Shakur, who is a cobbler, Baidoo is a gatekeeper.

A morning greeting of "good" is acceptable. In any case, we shouldn't routinely share it with random people. Reason being, some folks may be in a foul mood today. in addition, they might get angry when they hear that word.

Once, I wished a man a good morning, and he responded by asking, "What's so great about the morning?" Have you questioned why some guests don't respond after being welcomed? This is probably because they are facing some difficult circumstances.

In place of "good morning," you should say something like "hello, I hope you slept well" or "have a fantastic day ahead."

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