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''Don't Ignore" Here Are 4 Harmful Ingredients That You Should Avoid When Preparing Meals

Ingredients add flavor to our food although there are some that are not good to our health and therefore we should avoid them for own good health . Seasoning - All seasoning products contain sodium which is not good for our health because it causes heart and kidney diseases.Baking soda It causes serious health diseases and therefore you should avoid or minimize if you must put it in your food.Paracetamol People normally use it as an alternative to reduce the cooking time of meals .It is harmful to the body when mixed with cooked food because it goes straight to the kidney and it affects the kidney before being discharged.Alum It is mostly added to meals to fasten the cooking process and it is very harmful to the body because it contains high amounts of salt that damages the liver. PotashIt is mostly used to cook beans because it makes the cooking process fasten. Mostly people know it's side effects but due to ignorance they are still using it and this leads to many different diseases .We should be careful on whatever ingredient we put into our foods because some of them may be dangerous to our health.

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