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Wet fry Omena recipe: How to prepare

The nutritional value of Omen in our body system is abundant. Omena has calcium content that is helpful to our strong bones and so does other beneficial it has.

For you to prepare Omena,you need these ingredients;

1.Two glasses of Omena for two people.

2.Two well ripe tomatoes

3. One onion

4. Pepper

5. Dhania

6. Ginger

7. Garlic

Separate Omena from particles and then place into hot water for a period of one minute. Place your frying pan on fire. Put your Omena on the pan,dry for a period of one minute put some oil and fry till it turns brown. Add onions together with garlic and fry until they turn brown. Pour in tomatoes and fry till it turns to a paste. Then add ginger and dhania and steam for thirty seconds then add a quarter of a glass of water and half table spoonful of salt.Boil for one minute and serve with ugali.

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