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Watch on your vegetable Appetite

Vegetarian or vegans are associated with the following health risks

Stroke risk- vegetarians have higher risks of stroke than meat eaters particularly hemorrhagic stroke caused when blood from an artery begins to bleed into the brain. This is due to deficiencies in vitamin B12.

Brain health - vegetarian diets are lower in choline. Choline is a nutrient that is important in brain health that aids in improving memory and cognition. Choline is an essential nutrient for brain development.

Hair loss- lack of protein lead to hair loss since the diet lacks iron, vitamin B and zinc which are all important for hair growth. As much iron is present in foods like dried beans and dark green beans, leafy vegetables, it's harder to absorb iron from pure vegetable diet.

Mood problems- a vegetable diet makes a person more likely to be depressed. Depression is characterised by feelings of worthlessness or guilt, poor concentration, loss of energy, fatigue, thoughts of suicide or preoccupation with death, loss or increase of appetite and weight, a disturbed sleep pattern, slowing down both physically and mentally, agitation. This may be caused by nutrition imbalances.

Risk of osteoporosis- this increases risk of low bone density and none fractures. Vegetarians and vegans tend to have lower level of calcium and vitamin D. This may lead to rickets in children, a condition characterized by deformed bones.

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