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Koko Cookers Vs Gas Cooker, Which Is More Expensive?

There are various clan and faster ways to cook food. Considering how high thw economy is, many people prefer to go for the cheaper and readily available means of cooking. Koko Cooker has been a genuine competitor for the most commonly used gas. Koko cooker is a fast, clean and affordable way to help one prepare a meal.

Is it that affordable though? Today we compare the Koko Cooker with the normal gas. The Koko Cooker uses special kind of fuel to cook. The fuel is only accessible at kokopoints and goes for as low as 100 bob. When the koko Cooker entered the Kenyan markets, the fuel was going for around Ksh161 per two litres.

Currently, it is going to cost you around Ksh197 to refill the two litres canister. To refill a gas you are going to need at least a minimum of Ksh1,000 but the advantage is that a single gas refill will last way longer than the Koko refill. When considering short term services, Koko is cheap but on a long term basis using the Koko Cooker is almost same if not more expensive than using the normal gas cooker. What are your thoughts on the above topic? Would you prefer to use the Koko Cooker?

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