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Foods You Should Never Store In The Refrigerator

Refrigerators have being keeping foods and food stuffs in our homes cool since way back, but not everything stays fresher when stored in there. Below are foods you actually shouldn't be storing in the refrigerator and this will end up saving you enough space.

Peppers. The skin tend to loose its crunch when stored in cool temperatures.

Cucumbers. Storing cucumbers in the refrigerator tends to make them watery and pitted and therefore it is advisable to wrap them up in plastic bags to minimize the moisture.

Avocados. Avocados tend to achieve peak ripeness when stored in room temperature.

Onions. They tend to get soft and moldy as this is caused by moisture. They also need to be stored away from potatoes or in paper bags.

Tomatoes. Tomatoes stored at room temperature will endure they their optimal flavor and juiciness.

Potatoes. Unlike onions, it's best to store potatoes in paper bags since storing them in the refrigerator makes them gritty and sweet.

Bananas. Bananas need a warm temperature to rippen and the fridge definitely isn't the right place for them.

Berries. Berries stay fresh at warm temperatures and it's mainly recommended to wash them only when you are going to eat them.

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