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Miracle Fruit: Natural Sweetener And Sweet Modifiers For Diabetic And Chemo Patients

Taami, known as Synsepalum dulcificum and mostly called Miracle berry is an evergreen shrub grown in the tropics of West Africa. It is an almost one inch long red berry that belongs to the Sapotaceae family. It contains miraculin (miraculin is a glycoprotein that induces and modifies taste). After sucking on the berry for a few seconds, the miraculin in miracle berry makes other foods that taste sour taste sweet, (the sour the food, the sweeter it tastes). It also contains properties that have the potential to lower blood sugar.

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In Ghana, over some two decades ago the country was plunged into a scarcity situation where essential commodities were difficult to by, mothers especially would before breakfast let their children give their children miracle berry after which they would be served with porridge or other beverages that otherwise needed sugar or any sweetener added to make it taste good for children.

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It is called miracle fruit or berry because the pulp of the fruit itself is not sweet, however it leaves a binding sweet taste on the tongue making every thing you after its consumption taste incredibly sweet (water not left out). Its sweet taste lingers in your mouth for about fifteen minutes to one hour depending on the individual make up.

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Some foods you can eat after taking miracle fruit to show you its prowess, and to avoid artificial sweetening agent include Greek yogurt, lemon, grapefruit, lime and anything with sour taste that you wish were sweeter. Some palm wine tappers are said to have used it to sweeten palm wine and other local beverages. Some alcohol consumers also take miracle berry before taking their liquor.

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The berry of miracle fruit is used for medicinal purposes because it is considered to be low in calories and free of sugar and yet an able sweetener. Many people who have sugar issues have resorted to miracle as their 'savior'. It is used to correct taste problems in relations with diabetes and chemotherapy. Others have used miracle fruit to avoid taking sugar.

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For some people the fact that miracle fruit is gluten free and low in calories, it is considered an agent that helps in weight management. This is because it makes everything you take sweet thereby not tempting you to add additives and consequently decreasing your calories intake.

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It is important to know that there are miracle berry tablets on the market which people take as sweeteners. For people who cannot do away with candies and sweet snacks miracle berry is recommended is it is sugar free and have no additives.

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Because it is a plant with no artificial additives, miracle fruit is considered safe for human consumption. It is advised that constantly replacing sugar with miracle fruit must be done cautiously since most herbal and dietary supplements are hardly tested for their safety usage. It is always recommended to take supplements in their natural state, however if it unavailable always consult you doctor before the consumption of any supplement

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