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How Long Can You Refrigerate a Prime Rib Before Cooking

Prime rib is one of our favorites for special occasions. The best prime rib is tender and flavorful when prepared perfectly.

So how long should prime rib last in the fridge? This post will answer the above question; “how long can you refrigerate a prime rib before cooking?” We will also provide some helpful storage tips to enhance the shelf life of your rib.

So without further ado, let’s dive in!

How Long Can You Refrigerate a Prime Rib Before Cooking?

Uncooked Prime Rib can last 3-5 days in the refrigerator if it is properly stored. If wrapped properly in a vacuum and stored in the freezer, it may even last longer. Store at a temperature of 4°C or below to prevent the growth of bacteria. 

You may also need to handle the prime rib carefully to prevent contamination. In general, the number of days your prime rib will last depends on where you buy it and how you store it. When you are ready to prepare the prime rib, allow it to cool to room temperature to allow it to cook evenly.

How Long Can Thawed Prime Rib Last in the Fridge?

It can last in the fridge for five days. This amount of time normally varies by the method of thawing used. Three ways of thawing are using a microwave, cold water, and a fridge. However, thawed prime rib lasts longer while thawed in the fridge.

How Far in Advance Can You Buy Prime Rib?

Optimally, you can buy prime rib up to 5 days before cooking it. Place it in its original sealed packaging and store it in the fridge. You can place it on a wire rack if it is not sealed in vacuum packaging. This removes some moisture which will concentrate the flavor of the beef.

Tips To Remember When Storing Thawed Prime Rib

It is best to leave your prime rib uncovered or covered with cheesecloth. This is because if you cover the prime rib, it will trap some moisture which will, in return, harbor bacteria. Do not forget to follow the safety guidelines on how to handle the prime rib. This includes washing your hands thoroughly before and after handling the prime rib.

How Long Should You Refrigerate it?

Stored in Airtight Containers

An uncooked prime rib can last in airtight containers for up to three days. It is kept in these airtight containers to avoid contamination affecting the meat's taste and quality. If need be, the prime rib in the airtight containers should be unpacked and cooked within 10 days.This is done before putting it in the refrigerator

Using Dry Aging Method

This method allows meat storage for up to thirty to forty days. It is highly recommended for the long-term preservation of prime rib.

During this process, the juices are absorbed into the meat. Enzymes start breaking down the tissue structures of the meat, the meat loses its moisture, and the outer layer starts to dry out. The moisture loss intensifies the flavor when cooked. The dark layer is chopped off, put into steaks, and prepared in a pan.

Using Wet Aging Method

This allows for the storage of the prime rib for up to 7-28 days. Put your prime rib in a vacuum and leave it in the fridge for 7-28 days. The enzymes continually break down the tissue. The bag prevents moisture from entering the meat, avoiding contamination. The meat is tenderized until you toss it on a grill.

How To Tell If Refrigerated Prime Rib Has Gone Bad?


It has gone bad when the prime rib changes its color from bright-red to brown or greenish. This green color is a result of the growth of mold. And this is an indication that your prime rib is not good for consumption. It can also appear dry and juiceless. The prime rib being juiceless does not mean it can not be consumed. But rather, it will mess up the flavor of the meat. So, it is not safe to cook.


A prime rib that has gone bad has an off-putting smell. It will smell rotten if you sniff it. It can also develop sour or ammonia-like orders. Fresh prime rib does not smell great but a pungent smell will be distinct to you. And well, you are not going to eat the meat. Put it away to avoid food poisoning.This often occurs on prime rib exposed to air and in turn causes occurrence of the bacteria contamination.


If your prime rib has gone bad, you will notice a slimy or sticky surface when you touch it. This arises after the bacteria attack the meat structure and it will mess up the flavor of the prime rib. Nethertheless, when your prime rib has a large amount of fat, you might consider roasting it other than throwing it away.

Can You Freeze Prime Rib?

Yes, you can freeze prime rib for up to 3 months.  The best way to do this is to allow it to cool first. Later on, wrap it in baking paper and then in a cling film layer. Lastly, place it in the freezer. There are two ways to freeze the prime rib, but the best way is via the dry age method. Proper freezing of the prime rib increases its quality.

How to Thaw Refrigerated Prime Rib Before Cooking?

Thaw refrigerated prime rib before cooking by heating it in the microwave or submerging it in cold water.  If you use cold water to defrost your prime rib, your thawing time will be about 30 minutes per pound.Do not defrost your prime rib elsewhere to avoid contamination.


Place your prime rib in the refrigerator before cooking. And do not forget to follow all instructions and precautions for prime rib safekeeping. It is also expensive to purchase; therefore, you would not let it go to waste.

Preserving your meat correctly will help avoid food poisoning and contamination. Having this knowledge of safekeeping your meat will increase the amount of time for its shelf life.


How Long Does Raw Prime Rib Last in a Refrigerator?

A raw Prime rib lasts 3-5 days if stored correctly under a stable temperature of 4°C. The place or corner of the refrigerator where you store it should also be clean. This is to avoid cross-contamination with other foods.

Can You Leave Prime Rib Uncovered in the Fridge?

You can leave your prime rib uncovered because covering it might attract moisture and spread the bacteria. It must remain below the temperature of 4 degrees to prevent increased bacteria growth.

How Can You Tell If Prime Rib Is Bad?

You can tell the prime rib is bad by its smell and the texture of how it feels. You can tell by its appearance as well. It will feel sticky in texture, whereas its bright-red color will turn green as molds grow on it. The growth of molds is a definite indication that the prime rib is not fit for consumption. It produces a pungent smell as well, when it goes bad.

How Fast Does Raw Prime Meat Spoil?

Raw prime meat spoils very fast in about 2-4 minutes. So after harvesting the meat, leave it in the inventory during transportation. In the animal's inventory, it will take around 18 minutes before it spoils than when you hold it in your hands.

Can You Leave Raw Meat Exposed in the Fridge?

No, it is not okay to leave your meat in the fridge. You will need to cover it to avoid cross-contamination by the juices. If not, it can only last two days uncovered before it goes bad. So, wrap the raw meat properly before storing it. It does not matter whether you use a plastic wrap or lid, the most important thing is that you cover it well.

How Long Does Unopened Raw Meat Last in the Fridge?

It will last six weeks under the right conditions when left unopened. This is strictly dependent on several factors, such as the fridge temperature, Acidity level, and cleanliness of the meat. However, most products would last 6-10 days.

How Do You Make Raw Prime Meat Last Longer?

Build a foundation and then a preserving bin. You can as well store it in a refrigerator to preserve it longer. Also, you can leave it in the animal’s inventory.

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