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5 Foods You Should Always Wash Before Cooking

Fruits and vegetables with edible skin

They always appear clean and shiny but that doesn’t mean that you don’t need to wash them at home, you are required to wash them because their shinning appearance doesn’t mean that are clean enough to be eaten.

Tin cans

Bacteria cannot get inside the cans because of the covering lid, but they definitely will enter the can if you don’t wash a tin can well before you open it.

Fruits and vegetables with inedible skin

It doesn’t matter how good we peel these foods, the bacteria from the skin will get on the edible part anyway. That’s the reason why you should always was bananas, melons, watermelons and other fruits and vegetables with inedible skin before your eat them.


Nut should always be washed even if they are peeled because we never know for sure where they were stored and how they were transported. Washing also helps to get rid of the phytic acid that fresh nuts contain. It used to protect nuts from parasites, but it can also harm the human body.

Dried fruit

Dried fruit is considered to be one of the dirtiest, this is especially true for fruits that are sold by weight. Even buying a dried fruit in a nice package, it is not guaranteed that its clean, you have to wash it first even soak for a few hours.

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