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Here Is The English Name Of Mutura

The majority of people enjoy eating certain foods, yet they have little to no knowledge of their English names. Consider the following scenario: You have a friend who has travelled to you from Europe or America for a while. When you're out and about, Kenyan gods suddenly advise you to try some mutura. What name will you use to refer to the Mutura to your international friend?

Don't worry, just explain that Mutura is an African dish made from cow, goat, and sheep intestines first. Okay, so Mutura is also known as African Sausage or African Blood Sausage in English.

After conducting some investigation, we learned that blood and animal intestines are both used to make African sausage. In the middle region of Kenya, Kikuyu territory is where the meal is most frequently consumed.

The Agikuyu used it during gatherings to sate visitors' and guests' appetites before the main feast was made.

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