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7 Popular Foods That Can Do More Harm Than Good

Instant oatmealAccording to experts, they usually has almost no fiber and is commonly blended together with flour and sugar to add flavor. This is capable of cause a spike in blood glucose which can eventually lead to health problems if you prefer to eat it on a daily basis. If you really want to to get the benefits that oatmeal provides, you're advised to go for whole-grain, rolled, or steel-cut oats and sweeten them with some fruit or berries.

Apple cider vinegar

Most people still drink it as a regular part of their diet despite the fact that there are still some debates about whether this ingredient helps with weight loss or not. Remember that this liquid is highly acidic and can upset the stomach and cause bloating. Apart from that, it can cause nausea, throat burns, damage to the teeth, and can even lead to bone loss.

Gluten-free productsActually no one should avoid gluten unless you’re gluten intolerant. Amd because of good marketing, gluten-free products are now considered to be healthier options. But the data shows that they tend to be higher in sugar, salt, and saturated fat than their gluten alternatives. They are also less nutritious, since they contain less protein. Additionally, things labeled gluten-free are, are always more expensive.

Prepared salmonIf you really want to eat baked salmon at a restaurant, watch out for various glaze sauces that will be added to your fish. Such a coating usually is high in sugar and oil, which will easily add unnecessary calories and reduce the health benefits of the dish.

Whole-grain breadThis white bread may seem a healthier alternative but it can actually contain as much as 20 ingredients, preservatives, high amounts of salt, or sugar. Also, some of the store-bought whole-grain versions can still be loaded with white refined flour. You should try to bake your own bread at home if you want to get all the useful benefits of grains.

Rice cakesSome people might believe that they contain lower calories than bread or crackers but they barely contain any nutrients or vitamins, and eating them can cause a spike in blood sugar and raise your insulin levels. In order to balance out their effect on your body, try to avoid eating them alone and combine them with healthy toppings, like fish, vegetables, or fruit.

Brown rice syrupThis sugar alternative can cause a rise in your blood sugar level very quickly due to its high glycemic index. It’s highly refined, and there are barely any useful nutrients inside of it, which means that adding this sweetener to your dishes will leave you consuming “empty” calories. Actually, stevia, erythritol, xylitol, and yacon syrup are better options.

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