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Things You Should Know Before Eating the African Sausage “Mutura”

Most people have the habit of taking the African sausage as a snack alongside the road after a long day of work, mutura is usually a mixture of minced meat either that of a cow or goat, cooled blood, and tripe enclosed in an intestine case.

Some people will prefer taking it with pepper, chili, onions, and salt, mostly when cooked the sausage has to achieve a golden brown look as is mostly preferred by many, when it comes to tradition, mutura was only prepared by men.

Most of the time it was prepared on occasions, as a delicacy, and it was then when it could be served to women, however, in this modern age anyone can prepare it and can also be enjoyed by anyone. It is a common feature in celebrations and a slaughter never feels complete without it.

However, the sausage is prepared only after everyone has finished eating the grilled meat, and most of the time there never lacks an expert to prepare it, in fact even as the sausage is cooking, all that period is like a celebration cos memories are made, conversations seem to never end and so much.

Many people lately prepare it as a snack, and you can find it in many neighborhoods at the roadside, your location does not matter cos it is widely spread in the country.

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