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Interesting facts about cassava you need to know.

Cassava is one of the crops that has been consumed for the last decades. The crop is one of its own kind since every part of it has its unique use and importance.

Starting from the cassava tubers,they have different uses.The tubers can be eaten raw,steamed or deep fried depending on the individual's preference. They can also be prepared and processed into flour. The tubers are peeled then cleaned, after cleaning grate the tubers and allowed to drain out the moisture and water.After this the tubers are dried for about 5 days for them to be ready for grinding. You can mix them with millet, maize corn or sorghum.

When come to the leaves,they are rich in protein, minerals and vitamins therefore they can be consumed as part of vegetables.The leaves can also be fed to domestic animals like goats,cows,sheep etc. Most of the times the distinction between different cassava varieties lies in the leaves or the cassava tubers.The stem can be dried and used as firewood and also cut into small cuttings and planted.

Some of the advantages of cassava tubers is that they are rich in vitamins, they have dense carbohydrates and therefore are energy fuel.Cassava is also low in sugar and can act as protection against liver cancer.Cassava is indeed a crop to be treasured.

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