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How to Make Puff Balls in a Simple and Easy Recipe.

What was your outcome when you tried making? Did it turn out as uuyxpected ?

Everyday has become a day baking when it comes to eateries. We ought try new recipes now and then. Today i will show you how to bake puff puff balls.



powdered milk.

baking powder.


1 tb spoon of salt.

1 cup of water.


Step 1. In a bowl sieve flour add salt, sugar, baking powder, milk and nutmeg. mix untill they are combined well.

Step 2. Add water to it and continue stiring and mixing till there is no lumps. Leave it for 30 mins to ferment.

Step 3. Deep them in hot oil and let them fry until it is golden in colour.

And your puff balls are ready.

content notes:

measure ingridients according to how many people you are cooking for.

Use crystal clear sugar.

water can be used warm or cold.

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