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How to cook the best beef pilau

Ingredients ¼ Kg of Rice ½ Kg of Meat ¼ a litre of cooking Oil ½ Kg of pea 1 table spoon of corriander 1 table spoon of powdered cinnamon powder 1 table spoon of powdered cumin 3 Large onions 1 Large garlic

Steps to prepare ingredients Start peeling garlic Mince the onion Analyze corriander Cut the meat into smaller pieces Take the garlic,corriander, cumin, place them on a fork and grind well until soft

Steps and recipes for cooking Take your pan and put it ion stove and put some oil on it. Pour your sliced onions on the hot pan and fry them until they change their colour to golden brown. Put the meat and start frying. Keep turning your meat to roast well until it is tender. Take a mixture of garlic, corriander, cumin and continue frying. Add salt to turn. Keep your peas turning well mixed. Let the food boil for five minutes. Place the rice in a slow turn. Add enough water to cook Cover and simmer over low heat for ten minutes. Unleash your food, turn it into a ready-to-eat pilau.

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