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What Happens To You When You Accidentally Eat Watermelon Seed ?

WebMD states that watermelon is a healthy and tasty fruit to eat during the hot summer months. But, tell me, have you ever gotten a watermelon seed stuck in your throat? It's an ancient wives' myth that if you eat a watermelon seed, you'll end up with a watermelon in your stomach. Yet, what exactly happens if you swallow a watermelon seed by accident?

In the first place, let's dispel the myth. False: if you eat a watermelon seed, a watermelon will develop in your stomach. There is no way for a seed to germinate and grow inside of you due to the complexity of the human digestive system. No, you won't undergo a transformation into a human watermelon.

Not that there wouldn't be any negative effects from unintentionally consuming a watermelon seed. Because of its rough outer shell, watermelon seeds may not be entirely digested. It may therefore make it through your digestive system unharmed and out with your poo.

Rest assured, though; this poses no threat to your physical wellbeing. True, watermelon melons have nutritious seeds. Nutrients like protein, good fats, and minerals like magnesium, potassium, and iron can be found in plenty in them. Consuming watermelon seeds has been shown to promote immunological function, heart health, and even help with weight loss.

Of course, it's possible to cause bowel obstructions and other digestive problems by ingesting an excessive amount of watermelon seeds. However, this is unusual and usually only occurs after a large amount of seeds have been consumed.

While it's unlikely that ingesting a watermelon seed could transform you into a human watermelon, it's still possible that it could create some serious health problems. On the other hand, if it does occur, you shouldn't freak out. You shouldn't have any problems digesting the seed, and it may even be beneficial to your health. To sum up, the next time you bite into a luscious slice of watermelon, you shouldn't stress too much about the seeds. Savor the moment and the tasty fruit.

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