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How To Cook Delicious Pumpkin leaves To Serve With Ugali (Seveve)

Pumpkin leaves have always been my favorite vegetables. I enjoy serving my pumpkin leaves with ugali. It is so much delicious and tasty. Today let's learn how to cook them;


4bunches of pumpkin leaves

1tea spoonful bicarbonate of soda

1tea spoonful of salt



The procedure;

1)Wash your pumpkin leaves and give them a thorough wash.

2)Break part of the stem and pull of the silk from the pumpkin leaves up. Put some water in the pot and add bicarbonate of soda.

3)Close the pot and bring the water to a boil.

4)Add your cut up pumpkin leaves to the boiling water and close the pot.

5) Boil for five minutes stirring occasionally in between.

6) After five minutes drain your pumpkin leaves.

6)Give your pot a quick rinse then return the pot to the heat. Add cooking oil,salt, onions and tomatoes.

7) Your pumpkin leaves are ready serve them with ugali and enjoy.

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