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Mutura, The King Of Snacks:Here Are Some Of It's Health Benefits Most People Are Not Aware of

Mutura is a blood sausage usually made from a mixture of fresh blood,a blend of ginger, garlic, cilantro and scallions.

Most of Mutura vendors are strategically located at local bars joints as it's popularly liked by those who take beer. Additionally, it's sold alongside other delicacies like soup made from cow or goat head and feet.

Mutura has currently gained popularity due to its good taste and it's affordable as it goes for as little as Ksh.5 and is available for grabs as people go home from work.

However,this blood sausage has several health benefits which most people are not aware of.

1.There are alot of fats in mutura, essential for generating alot of energy in your body.

This helps in keeping one strong and physically fit.

2.Makes digestion very easy.

Mutura contains alot of roughages known to ensure fast digestion.

Besides roughages,it contains calcium that is essential for strengthening of bones and teeth.

3.Apart from all the above,mutura contains proteins essential for building the body tissues.

Also, roasted meat contains mucus which aids in digestion and protection of stomach walls from acidic corrosion in the stomach.

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King Of Snacks Mutura


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