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Secret Behind Making your Pilau Turn Brown

Pilau is a delicious meal on its own and can be served alone as a single meal.Tice is one of many people favorite meal.Many of pilau cooks tend to use soy sauce to make the pilau brown not knowing the secret behind making it brown naturally.The secret is using alot of onions which gives pilau the brown color.The following is a guide that will give you that outcome;

1.Slice your onions into silver or rings.Cook them till they turn golden brown inorder to obtain the brown color at the end of the results.You will need to stir the onions regularly to avoid them browning unevenly and in this case use low heat.

2.Add in your pilau mix and stir evenly.Add your crushed garlic followed by the rest of your spices including tomatoes and salt to taste.Mix well and cover the mixture for about 3 minutes.

3.Add your rice where in this case you have washed it.Mix it well and wait for it to cook for about 5 minutes then add some water depending on your rice quantity.In this case use low heat till it is almost dry.Cover it will aluminum foil to dry slowly.Once ready serve it when hot.

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