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Dos And Donts To Your Newly Hatched Chicks

Poultry is one of the business that is blooming today. It takes effort to ensure that your chicks are always healthy. Here are the things that you should and shouldn't do to your newly hatched chicks;


Ensure to always provide clean and fresh water for them. Water is very essential for their growth. The chicks are not supposed to move in search of water.

Clean the places that you use to put water for them. You can use a poultry approved sanitizer to kill germs on the jars.

Choose a feeder that suits your space very. The feeder should also be fit to let the chicks scratch in the feeds.


Don't provide water for the chicks in a dish. A dish is risky to use because the chicks might tip over and drown in the dish.

Don't leave the feeders empty at any time. The chicks should be exposed to starvation because they are still young and can't search for food on their own.

Don't feed the chicks with layer ration. They are still not mature for that feed. Layer ration can damge their kidney and lead to death.

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