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Strange and Hot Cake Designs For Birthdays, See Photos

See photos of interesting cake designs you may want to surprise your lover with on his or her birthday;

When we think of cake, we think of a round baked dessert adorned with flowers and ribbons and layered with various sweets. The phrase "cake," on the other hand, comes from the Vikings and their Old Norse word "kaka."

The first cakes, however, were very different, and were documented in Ancient Rome and Greece: the Romans would simply enhance simple bread dough with butter, eggs, and honey, while the more decorative Greeks would make their own version of cheesecake with goat's milk.

Nowadays, cake production is more than just a round, with a variety of trendy designs, such as those that resemble a person or those that are designed to resemble a household appliance. The type of event in which they are used varies; for example, at a wedding ceremony, a couple can choose to use a cake in their own image; at a naming ceremony, cakes crafted and baked in the shape of a child can be used; and at a birthday party, cakes baked in the shape of the person's age number can be used.

Furthermore, cake designs are not only decorated to resemble a particular case, but also to meet the buyer's satisfaction, so here are some cake designs that are hilariously produced by bakers in various parts of the world.

Below are photos of different cake designs ranging from hot to strange designs;

What are your thought on these cake designs?

Is this not creativity of the highest order?

What cake design will we wish to be bought on your birthday?

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